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I am trying to install RDS CAL’s on windows instance. Purchased the licenses from external source which mentioned that it is required that the server should be connected to the domain controller. Currently, the server is in a workgroup so the installed licenses are not showing up. How can we change the server on which the licenses should be installed & used for multiple concurrent sessions from workgroup scope to domain controller ?

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I don't believe Active Directory is required unless the CAL you have purchased is Per User CAL. Please refer to this MS article where it says:

RDS Host and RDS licensing servers are in the same work group Consider the following points while configuring RDS and RDS licensing servers in a work group environment:

  • We can use ONLY Per Device CALs in a work group environment. So, you should install only Per Device CALs on RDS licensing server.
  • Per User CAL tracking and reporting is not supported in work group mode.
  • RDS Host and RDS licensing server roles can both be installed on the same server.
  • If you install RDS licensing server on a different server in the work group, ensure that the RDS server is able to access RDS licensing server.

If you have purchased Per User CAL, you'll need to have an Active Directory. You can either create a domain on an EC2 or just use AWS Microsoft AD.

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  • Thank you for the answer. It really helped me to understand the difference. When you mentioned "You can either create a domain on an EC2" - What does this actually mean ? and how exactly can we move EC2 from workgroup to active directory/domain controller ?

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