Amazon GameLift releases a new version of the server SDKs and game engine plugins

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Amazon GameLift releases new versions of the C++, C# and Go server SDKs and game engine plugins, that improves handling of network connectivity issues and simplifies installation of the Amazon GameLift plugin for Unreal Engine.

Hello Game Devs,

On February 13, Amazon GameLift released new versions of its C++, C# and Go server SDKs that improves reliability of the server SDK5 by adding automatic reconnection in the event of network interruption. Hence, we recommend that you download the latest version of the GameLift Server SDK build it for your preferred language and game engine, and then integrate the Server SDK with your game server project.

In addition to the bug fixes, we have made improvements to our Go server SDK by adding a new parameter-less InitSDK function with a retry mechanism that simplifies server initialization for managed GameLift fleets. With this update, you can now call InitSDK() with or without server parameters.

We have also made improvements to our Unreal Engine plugin by simplifying the release package to now include the latest C++ Server SDK for Unreal Engine, which is required to build and install the plugin. This saves game developers an additional trip to download the server SDK after downloading the plugin and was one of the most requested asks from our community.

Please find below the most recent (recommended) versions of our SDKs and plugins:

Server SDKLatest version (recommended)Download Link
C++5.1.2Download here
C#5.1.2Download here
Go5.1.0Download here
C++ Server SDK Plugin for Unreal5.1.1Download here
C# Server SDK Plugin for Unity5.1.2Download here
GameLift Plugin for Unreal Engine1.1.0Download on GitHub
GameLift Plugin for Unity2.1.0Download on GitHub

Useful resources:

Thank you for your time.

Sachin Gupta | PM, Amazon GameLift

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