Code commit compare is not on HEAD


I want to create a pull request that merges one branch into another.

It seems that the destination branch is not on HEAD, as it shows changes that has already been merged when I compare them.

I have confirmed this by looking at my branches locally, where there aren't as many changes as in CodeCommit.

Is there an issue with CodeCommit or am I doing something incorrectly?

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You may need to synchronize your destination branch with the source branch before creating the pull request.

Update Your Local Repository: git fetch origin

Check Out the Destination Branch: git checkout destination-branch

Merge or Rebase with the Source Branch: git merge origin/source-branch or git rebase origin/source-branch

Hope this helps!

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The following list of possible causes and solutions is provided:

Unfinished Updates in Local Branches:

For updates on fetching changes, make sure you've used git fetch to obtain the most recent CodeCommit modifications.Search for Commitments to Merge:Run git log to see whether there are any locally available expected merge commits.Into your local destination branch, merge those commits that are lacking.2. Ancient Local Replicate: Carefully Use Force Push: To update your local target branch to CodeCommit if it's noticeably out of date, use force push: git push --force origin Careful: Attempting to change the past by force might lead to disputes, so work together with your teammates to prevent this.3. Concern with CodeCommit: For CodeCommit support, get in touch with AWS Support after confirming that local branches are current and the problem still exists.

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