Tests Suite Failing on Simple XCUITest


I'm trying to get a simple test case working with XCTest UI on AWS Device Farm. I followed the steps to create the two .ipa files and uploaded them into a device farm project without any issues. I tried using both standard and custom environments and used the defaults for the remaining run options with similar results: the setup and tear down suites pass but the tests suite fails. The test suite is as simple as possible as they are the stubs created when an XCTest UI target is added to the Xcode project. The test ("testExample") runs fine in Xcode as do the other stubbed tests (testLaunch and testLaunchPerformance). I'm assuming that Device Farm will pick up all the available tests (those test functions starting with "test") in a similar fashion that Xcode identifies testable functions so I don't do anything special to identify those to Device Farm.

As I stated, I don't embellish the stubbed out tests so testExample() simply launches the app and that's it. Still, I would expect the test to pass as it does in Xcode. Are there some basic gotchas in configuring test runs or Xcode projects that would prevent a test function from succeeding?

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Hi! I also got the same problem.

Did you find some way to resolve it and what is root cause of this problem?


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