At the Business Support Plan tier, how do you escalate?


We're on the Business support tier because "Enterprise On-Ramp" would be about a 50% increase in our monthly costs. And we've had a support ticket open for 6 months (related to Global Accelerator). They've agreed it's a problem, but it's "engineering is working on it". Support said that engineering would provide an estimated timeline and ETA last week, but that didn't happen. First level support seems to be trying, but they apparently can't get anything done either. Meanwhile I have a customer eagerly awaiting the fix.

So the question is, do we have any recourse such as talking to some sort of account rep or some such? Or is it simply, "sorry no additional help for you without more money"? (Not that I know that an account rep could make engineering fix the problem but in my experience in past jobs with dealing with large vendors, the account managers were generally of some help with at least finding a real status on such problems.)


If you do not have contact details for your designated Account Manager or Solutions Architect you can ask via the open support case; the CSE should be able to answer that. Not knowing the details of the problem I can't comment on the escalation path. It's possible that the issue is related to functionality that is not supported or is on the roadmap for development. In those cases you should probably work with your SA to come up with a workaround.

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So following up on my own question:

Submitting the question of "who is my AWS rep?" through the sales support page was useless. The answer that came back was "we can't tell you that you have to open a support case".

So I opened a support case. That was answered, and they did give me an email address, after, according to them, they obtained permission to do so from the purported account rep. So I emailed them. I never heard back. (It's now been over a week, which seems like sufficient time.)

So my conclusion is that if you're not paying for at least the "Enterprise On-ramp" level (minimum cost of $5500/month) you're not likely to be able to get any assistance other than what you can get out of support themselves. Which is generally not bad, but if they're having trouble with the next level it doesn't seem like the customer has any way to bring any additional resources to bear. At least that seems to be my experience.

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This is definitely a case where you should engage with your local AWS account team to talk about what other options are available to you. In general, account teams are composed of an Account Manager and a Solutions Architect who can (together) help you with the administrative and account ownership questions and also go deep into the technical challenges which include interfacing with the service teams.

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  • And so how do you find your "local AWS account team"?

  • If you don't have a contact with your Account Manager or local SA, you can use a Contact Us form on the portal here and use "Sales Support" option. Though, it's possible it may take a few days until your request is routed to the correct AM/SA team.

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