How can I create deployment package for my lambda to work with my libraries or an alternative solution?


I'm receiving error: Receive error in Lambda: Unable to import module 'functions': No module named 'functions' Traceback

code: Code.fromAsset(path.resolve(__dirname, BundleLocation + name)),

I'm deployig this via the CDK. I confirmed I have this in my code for CDK for my Lambda; however I am still receiving an error. However, when I go into Lambda to troubleshoot why my app is not working I see logs in CloudWatch and I look through Cloudwatch logs and I am receiving this error.

I also want to note my CDK stack is in typescript and my python code is in python. I'm not sure if this makes a difference. Does anyone know what could cause this error after me detailing I have the correct syntax?

Also is there any work arounds for this?

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  • Yes, I have looked at this first.

    I also do not need lambda layer for this as this will be in one region.

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