Allow communication between EC2 instances running under different AWS Accounts



I am trying to setup SSO between an EC2 instance running Gitlab and an EC2 instance with Active Directory following this documentation : "". I have tried to add our Gitlab address in IAM Identity Providers but I have this message "could not connect to openid configuration of provider".

The issue, I think, is that our Active Directory EC2 instance is running under a different account than our Gitlab EC2 instance. Also, our Gitlab EC2 instance is registered in a private zone in Route 53 , under this different account.

Do you know how we can allow communication between EC2 instances running under different account ?



I think that the key here is that you're using a private zone in Route 53 - SSO requires that the identity provider be public and that means being publicly resolvable and having a publicly accessible endpoint.

As far as different accounts go: Most networking components in AWS are account-agnostic once connectivity is established between them. For private networks that means things like VPC Peering, Transit Gateway and other mechanisms. For publicly accessible services accounts don't matter at all.

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