GoDaddy website not propagating to my AWS LightSail instance


I tried to move my website hosting from GoDaddy to AWS LightSail on Thursday 9/7/23. GoDaddy is still the domain registrar and I used their services to build the website. I just wanted AWS for hosting. I went through the following steps:

  1. created LightSail instance
  2. created a DNS zone in LightSail. Got name servers from AWS. There were four.
  3. went to the Godaddy DNS manager and swapped their name servers for the four AWS ones.
  4. went back to Lightsail and created a static IP for my instance.
  5. clicked on "Domains and DNS" within LightSail and clicked on my zone.
  6. clicked on "DNS records" and added the A records for my website and its subdomain.
  7. clicked on "Assignments" and pointed my website and its subdomain to my static IP.
  8. at this point I thought I would be able to see my website that I built with Godaddy when I type the domain name into the browser.
  9. nothing for quite a while. I can see the landing page (basic word press blog) for both the website and subdomain.
  10. notified godaddy that the website wasn't showing up. They checked to make sure I had changed the name servers. I had. Then told me it might take 24-48 hours. That was 96 hours ago.

More notes: -the instance is running.
-the A records I added looked like,, and Same with the assignments. -tried flushing the cache by hitting ctrl + F5

Any help is appreciated a bunch.

  • Just to clarify when you say:

    I can see the landing page (basic word press blog) for both the website and subdomain.

    Do you mean you can see the WordPress site when you navigate directly to the IP address for the instance? When you navigate to your domain does it show an error screen in your browser? Did you at any point while troubleshooting create another DNS zone in Lightsail? If so did you update NS records with GoDaddy? Lightsail NS servers use different combinations for every DNS zone.

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As Gabriel mentioned in the comments of your question, first check that you can access http://your.static.ip.addr .

If you can reach your website directly via the IP then I would suggest that you follow the steps in the following documentation carefully using AWS Route53 (DNS Server - the console for the 4 DNS Name Servers you mention in your question).

Using Amazon Route 53 to point a domain to an Amazon Lightsail instance

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Thanks for the responses. Yes could see the wordpress site when navigating directly to the IP. After much thought, we decided to keep the domain hosted with godaddy because we believe it has something to do with their website builder software. For some reason it just doesn't appear even though we checked and triple checked everything. We'll keep our subdomain on AWS. Thus far no issues with that strategy.

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You don’t specify if you built a website on lightsail nor what the static IP is for? Where did you point your domain too?

Sounds like you just pointed your domain to your lightsail instance which of course you’ll see a Wordpress welcome page unless you built a website on it. It will not move or show the go daddy website.

A website will not automaticlly transfer hosting providers. You have to get the website files, configuration etc from A to B.. This is in no way automated by just changing name servers.

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