SaaS application(Webapp hosted outside China) availability/access in China region


We have an app hosted in us-east which generates Greenhouse Gases Report, can we make this available in China region. So that the customers can upload/send their data to our app to get the GHG reports. The data required to generate the report is the energy consumption data and the firm/business. What are the best ways to make china users access the app without any additional infra setup in China?


Here is a blog that shows how to enable cross-border connectivity between six Amazon Web Services (AWS) commercial regions and China regions using a third-party marketplace solution that relies on AWS Direct Connect partners.

By working directly with AWS Direct Connect partners, this solution provides a cross-border connection typically within one week, as opposed to the median four weeks expected through other offerings. It also comes with the benefits of adjustable bandwidth limits and consolidated billing within AWS Marketplace.

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