Pearson Vue exam Technical issue


To AWS Team,

I scheduled online exam with Pearson on 18 Jun 2023 5:00PM - SAP-C02, It got cancelled due to technical issue. Now i want to reschedule it again, However due to 14days retake policy i'm unable to schedule exam.

My request here is

  1. please waive of 14 days policy my AWS ID
  2. Remove failed remark from portal.

Here is my Registration ID: 452397580

I also created ticket with AWS, case ID : 13064649471, This ticket was created on Mon 6/19/2023 2:54 PM.

Thank you in advance. looking forward !

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To resolve your issue, I recommend reaching out to AWS directly for assistance. You've already created a ticket with them, so it's best to wait for their response. They will be able to address your concerns regarding the rescheduling and the retake policy. They have the necessary access and authority to assist you with your specific account and exam registration.

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Please reach out to Pearson Vue Team using this link or call them directly. They will help you out.

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