Your AWS CloudShell data is scheduled for deletion


I received an email with this title. And it continues with "Some users of this account haven’t used AWS CloudShell for over 110 days in the...". I have no idea what this means or what I need to do. I use Amazon Glacier for backing up my NAS and make no other use of AWS. Is this a scam of some sort?

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Its not scam or Spam message, it is real information for you about the Cloudshell

CloudShell Persistent storage With AWS CloudShell, you have persistent storage of 1 GB for each AWS Region at no cost. Persistent storage is located in your home directory ($HOME) and is private to you. Unlike ephemeral environment resources that are recycled after each shell session ends, data in your home directory persists between sessions.

If you stop using AWS CloudShell in an AWS Region, data is retained in the persistent storage of that Region for 120 days after the end of your last session. After 120 days unless you take action, your data will be automatically deleted from the persistent storage of that Region. You can prevent removal by simply launching AWS CloudShell again in that AWS Region.

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