AWS IVS Player and JWPlayer


I integrated the jwplayer with my the IVS player and everything works fine. I push to prod, all good. I can make changes and still good.

I don't touch the project for a couple of days, no code changes at all, neither local nor prod player will play the test IVS test video, I get a 404 from that the playlist can't be found. Yet it's the AWS IVS test video they run to test against. No changes have been made at all to the code.

This has happened a couple of times now. I'm able to remove the jwplayer integration and it works again. But I'd like to use the jwplayer.

Anyone else experience this? This is getting frustrating. Thanks.

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Hi Andrew, The error code you have received is indeed due to the playback URL being incorrect per ( If the behaviour still persists,

  1. could you kindly cross-check there isn't any typo or spacing at the start/end of the URL,
  2. or check the behaviour is reproducible using
  3. or if you're comfortable to share the code snippet of the player, to reproduce from my side.
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Thank you for the reply, but the solution is embarrassingly simple: check to see if that stream is even available. The test stream was down for at least a day and a half, I finally tried to get it on other code samples and same issue on those. I just assumed it was the integration :facepalm. The stream is back now. *I am the original poster, not sure why I have different accounts.

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