How to extend backup Retention for FSx


I am trying to extend the retention of already made backups in FSx for Windows. AWS Backup can have unlimited retention but in the console for FSx you can only do a maximum of 90 days. For existing backups can they be copied and then categorized as a user-initiated backup and then use the Custom Backup schedule [1] extend the retention based on whats defined? Importing the Automatic backups defined in the FSx console would be ideal but I have not found a way to do this.

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Automatic backups cannot be recategorized to user-initiated backups by copying. However, you can create a custom backup plan in AWS Backup and assign a specific resource ID to include the copied backup in the new plan. Going forward, you can create custom backup schedules with retention periods of longer than 90 days.

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  • We tried this out in the AWS Backup console and while you can assign specific resource IDs to the backup plan those are limited to existing filesystems and not backups. Is the suggestion here to restore the file system from the older automatic backup and then have AWS backup make one automatically with the older point? I think that can work but will not scale well as we have a few older backups that are aging out that we need to keep for compliance.

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