How do I add or update billing contact information?

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I want to add or update a billing contact to my AWS account so they can communicate with AWS Finance teams. How do I do this?

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Approved billing contacts can communicate with AWS Finance teams about your account to support payments made to AWS. Billing contacts also receive the following:

Note: Notifications might be shared by AWS Accounts Receivable, AWS Support, or other AWS Service teams.

Important: Adding or updating a billing contact is available only if you Pay by invoice. If you make payments using a credit card or other method, see Adding, changing, or removing alternate contacts to add an alternate contact for Billing.


To access the Billing and Cost Management console, you must sign in with:

AWS account root user credentials


AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) user credentials with access permissions for the AWS Billing console. For instructions on activating access, see Activating access to the AWS Billing console.

It's a best practice to activate access to the AWS Billing console for IAM users who are responsible for billing-related communications. To communicate with AWS Finance teams, IAM users with AWS Billing console access must also be added to the Billing contact email list.

To add or update an approved billing contact email address, do the following:

  1. Sign in to the Billing and Cost Management console.
  2. In the navigation pane, choose Payment Methods.
  3. For Pay by Invoice, choose Edit next to the default billing address.
  4. For Billing contact email(s), choose Add additional email, and then enter the billing contact's email address.
    Repeat this step for each billing contact that you want to add.
    To update a billing contact, choose Edit next to the email address.
  5. Choose Update.

Tip: It's a best practice to delegate an IAM user responsible for AWS payments and billing to maintain the billing contact list. Bookmark this page, share it with the responsible IAM user, and repeat this process periodically to maintain an updated record of authorized contacts.

Frequently asked questions

Can AWS edit billing contact information on my behalf?

No, to maintain the highest level of security, AWS can't edit your billing contact information.

Can I add more than one approved billing contact?

Yes, you can register up to 13 billing contacts.

Can I add a shared email address as a billing contact?

Yes, adding a shared email address as a billing contact provides relevant account information as email recipients. Note that emails to AWS must be sent from a registered email address to receive support. If there's one individual contact who's most likely to share in payment responsibilities, this individual should be registered as an alternate billing contact.

Can billing contacts view or change my AWS account settings?

Adding an alternate billing contact allows AWS to communicate with registered individuals if you're unavailable or prefer to share responsibility of payment-related processes. Only root users or IAM users with certain permissions are able to view or change account settings.

If I add billing contacts, will I still receive communications about my account?

Yes, primary account holders will continue to receive all account-related email communications.

If I add a billing contact on one AWS account, will this contact be automatically added for my other AWS accounts?

Billing contacts added on the Payment Methods page are registered at the individual account level and related permissions apply to only that specific account. If you have multiple accounts with AWS, you can follow the steps on this page for each individual account.

If you're using AWS Organizations, you can automate the assignment of one central billing contact across all AWS accounts. For more information, see Programmatically managing alternate contacts on member accounts with AWS Organizations. For individual account billing inquiries, additional billing contacts must be added for each individual account.

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