How can I troubleshoot 403 "missing authentication token" errors when invoking API Gateway REST or HTTP APIs with a custom domain name?

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I followed the instructions to set up a custom domain name for my Amazon API Gateway REST or HTTP API. I am getting a 403 "Missing Authentication token" error when I invoke the API. How can I troubleshoot and resolve this error?

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API Gateway APIs with custom domain names return the 403 "Missing Authentication token" error when invoking the API if the URL path is incorrect.

Note: Using the API Gateway API stage URL won't return the 403 "Missing Authentication token" error.


Custom domain names configured for API Gateway APIs use API mappings to connect API stages to send traffic to APIs through the custom domain name. API mappings have an API, stage, custom domain name, and optionally a path to use for the mapping. For more information, see Working with API mappings.

In the following example, the custom domain "" API mapping is configured as follows:

APIExampleStagePathDefault URLCustom Domain URL
abcd3456efAPI 1dev(none)
wxyz1234abAPI 2testorders
mnop5678qrAPI 3prodcustomers

In this example configuration, a request made to API 1 using the URL routes traffic to "resourceA" successfully. This is because the request is made to the resource for the stage name "dev". However, the same request using the URL returns a 403 "Missing Authentication token" error. This error occurs because the stage "dev" is mapped to the (none) path of the custom domain name. To route requests to "resourceA" using the custom domain name, make sure that the URL is

Similarly, the custom domain name URL equivalent to is This is because the "test" stage of API 2 is mapped to the path "orders" in the custom domain API mapping.

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