How do I use my own Microsoft RDS CALs with AppStream 2.0?

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I want to use my own Microsoft Remote Desktop Service Client Access License (RDS CAL) with Amazon AppStream 2.0. How can I do that?


If you have Microsoft Software Assurance with License Mobility, you might be able to bring your own Microsoft RDS CALs and then use them with AppStream 2.0. Users who are covered by your RDS CAL don't incur the monthly user fees. For more information about how to sign up for and complete a license verification process, and to view eligibility requirements, see License Mobility.

First, sign up and complete the Microsoft license verification form to confirm that you have eligible licenses with Software Assurance. For more information, see License Mobility through Software Assurance on the Microsoft website. In the License Mobility Verification form, provide the following information about the Authorized Mobility Partner:

  • Email Address:
  • Partner Name: Amazon Web Services
  • Partner Website:

After the form is submitted, Microsoft provides confirmation to you and to Amazon Web Services (AWS) that you have completed the verification process. After the verification process is complete, submit the AWS License Mobility Agreement verification form.

Next, create a case in the AWS Support Center. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the AWS Support Center, and then choose Create case.
  2. Choose Account and billing support.
    For Type, choose Billing.
    For Category, choose Other Billing Questions.
  3. For Case description, enter the following template, and include your details for each line:
    I want to use my RDS CAL with AppStream 2.0. Please inform the AppStream 2.0 team that our License Mobility Agreement verification form is submitted. The AppStream 2.0 team requested the following information:
    AWS account ID:
    Number of licenses ported:
    AWS Region in which we will use the ported license:
    Microsoft agreement #:
    Date and time zone when the Microsoft agreement expires:

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