How can I sign or share a compliance report that requires an NDA using AWS Artifact?

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I need to sign or share a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for security compliance or auditing purposes.

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You and your AWS Partner Network (APN) can use an AWS account to access reports requiring an NDA using AWS Artifact.


Follow the instructions for downloading reports in AWS Artifact.

Reports requiring an NDA are accessible by signing the terms and conditions in AWS Artifact. You must accept the AWS Artifact NDA to access and download confidential documents in AWS Artifact. You must sign the NDA each time that you access confidential reports.

If you have an existing NDA with Amazon covering the same confidential information as provided in AWS Artifact, then your existing NDA applies. You can use your existing NDA instead of the AWS Artifact NDA.

For more information, see AWS Artifact Agreements.

Note: Reports requiring approval from Amazon are reviewed and approved within 24 hours. For more information, see Getting Started with AWS Artifact.

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