How can I check the amount of backup storage being used by my Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible DB instances?

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I want to check the amount of storage used by the backup of my Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible Edition DB instances.


Note: If you receive errors when running AWS Command Line Interface commands, make sure that you’re using the most recent version of the AWS CLI.

To check the storage usage of your Aurora DB instances backup, you can use these Amazon CloudWatch metrics:

  • BackupRetentionPeriodStorageUsed - the amount of backup storage used for continuous backups at a given time.
  • SnapshotStorageUsed - the amount of backup storage used for storing manual snapshots beyond the backup retention period.
  • TotalBackupStorageBilled - the sum of BackupRetentionPeriodStorageUsed and SnapshotStorageUsed minus the mount of free backup storage.

For more information on using these metrics, see Understanding Amazon Aurora backup storage usage.

For more information on accessing these metrics using Amazon CloudWatch, see Monitoring Amazon Aurora metrics with Amazon CloudWatch.

You can also using the AWS CLI to view Amazon CloudWatch metrics about your Aurora instances. For instructions on how to view these metrics in the AWS CLI, see Viewing DB cluster metrics in the CloudWatch console and AWS CLI.

Note: Aurora databases don't have the FreeStorageSpace metric.

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