How can I troubleshoot common errors when activating Performance Insights on my Amazon Aurora DB instance?

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I have an Amazon Aurora DB instance, and I would like to use Performance Insights for my instance. How can I troubleshoot common errors I receive when I activate this feature?

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Before you activate Performance Insights for Amazon Aurora, make sure that you are running a supported Aurora version and DB instance class. To use this feature, you must be running the following Amazon Aurora MySQL-Compatible Edition versions:

  • 2.04.2 and higher 2.x versions (compatible with MySQL 5.7)
  • 1.17.3 and higher 1.x versions (compatible with MySQL 5.6)

Performance Insights are compatible with all versions of Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible Edition.

Note: For Aurora DB clusters that allow for parallel queries, the minimum Amazon Aurora MySQL-Compatible Edition versions are 2.09.0 and 1.23.0. For more information, see Amazon Aurora DB engine support Performance Insights.

To use Performance Insights, activate it on your DB instance. Then, follow the troubleshooting steps in this article to resolve common errors that occur when using this feature.


I can't see Performance Schema detailed wait events in my Performance Insights dashboard

If you have manually turned on the performance_schema parameter on your parameter group, reset the parameter. Then, modify your instance to turn Performance Insights on and then off.

Performance Insights automatically manages the parameters in the following table. You can't configure this table using a custom parameter group. Turning on Performance Insights with performance_schema=1 on the cluster can lead to missing data points.

  • performance_schema: 1 (the source parameter is set to engine-default)
  • performance-schema-consumer-events-waits-current : ON
  • performance-schema-instrument: wait/% = ON
  • performance_schema_consumer_global_instrumentation : ON
  • performance_schema_consumer_thread_instrumentation = ON

I can't see my entire query in my Performance Insights dashboard

You might not be able to see query in full on the Performance Insights dashboard for Amazon Aurora. This might be because the feature currently has a limitation of 500 characters for Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible, and 1024 characters for Aurora MySQL-Compatible. For more information, see Text size limits for Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) engines.

Note: Turning Performance Insights on or off doesn't cause any downtime, reboot, or failover.

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