How do I check the version number for an Amazon Aurora for MySQL or PostgreSQL DB instance?

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I want to check the version number for my Amazon Aurora MySQL-Compatible Edition or Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible Edition DB instance.


Use the version number to cross-reference the database engine updates to see what features and enhancements are available for that particular Amazon Aurora version.

1.    Log in to your Aurora instance using a client. For MySQL, use MySQL Workbench. For PostgreSQL, use psql or SQL Workbench/J.

2.    Run a command similar to the following:

select @@aurora_version;
show variables like '%version';

3.    After you get your Aurora version number, check the Database engine updates for Aurora MySQL or Aurora PostgreSQL updates. These will show new features and improvements.

Note: Aurora releases updates regularly. Updates are cluster-wide, and they require a simultaneous restart of all the instances in the cluster, which can cause brief interruptions in connectivity. If you use Aurora for MySQL, then under certain conditions the zero downtime patch feature can prevent interruptions in connectivity on the writer node. If you use Aurora for PostgreSQL, a reboot is required. To plan for these restarts, view or change your maintenance window settings from the Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) console. For more information about changing your maintenance window, see Adjusting the preferred DB instance maintenance window.

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