Why isn't my credit or promotional code applying to my AWS bill?

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I added a credit or promotional code to my account, but it hasn't applied to my AWS usage.


To view the active credits on your AWS account, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Billing and Cost Management console.
  2. In the navigation pane, choose Credits.

The following are common reasons that credits might not be applied to the usage on your account:

  • The code isn't active on your account.
  • The code has expired.
  • You added the code to your account after the current billing cycle ended. The billing cycle begins on the first day of each month. Check the start date of the promotional credit. AWS applies the credits to your usage in the calendar month of the credit start date.
  • You already used the promotional code. Check your bill for previous months to determine whether you used all the credit.
  • The promotional code doesn't apply to services that you're being billed for. Each credit applies to specific AWS services. The Applicable Products line in the Credits pane shows you what services the code applies to. For more information about what services and charge types that credits can apply to, see Redeem your AWS promotional credit.
  • You recently applied the promotional code. Recently added promotional codes might take a few hours to be visible in the Billing and Cost Management console. Credits might take up to a week to be applied to your bill on the Bills page of the Billing and Cost Management console.
  • You were recently added to a new organization, and the credits are still applying to your former organization. Credits can apply to only one account per billing cycle. For more information, see How are credits and promotions calculated in an organization in AWS Organizations?
  • If you recently joined an organization, any credits applied the month that you join don't apply to that month's bill. Credits that are applied in the month that you join apply to the next month's bill.
    Example: If you joined an organization on March 15 and applied a credit the same day, then the credit has the start date of March 1. Because the credit start date is prior to the date you joined the organization, the credit is applied to your April bill.
  • Credit sharing isn't activated for your organization. To share credits across all the accounts in your consolidated billing family, make sure to activate credit sharing. For more information, see Sharing AWS credits.

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