How can I find the AWS VAT number?

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How can I find the AWS VAT number?


If your account is with AWS Europe (Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL), then the AWS VAT number appears in the footer of your VAT invoice.

Note: If you're a linked account and can't access VAT invoices, then contact the AWS account root user or account administrator and ask that they retrieve the invoices for you.

In some countries, the VAT invoice footer includes the VAT number of both the AWS Europe headquarters in Luxembourg and the AWS Europe branch, if required.

Note: AWS Europe branches are the same legal entity as AWS Europe in Luxembourg, but each branch has its own local VAT number. All VAT collected is reported to the local tax authorities on the local VAT return of the branch or headquarters.

For more information on AWS VAT policies and procedures, see AWS Tax Help.

If you have further questions about how VAT applies to your AWS usage or the AWS VAT number that you should use, consult your tax advisor.

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