How do I change my Lightsail plan?

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I want to change my current Amazon Lightsail plan to a different plan.


Your Lightsail plan is based on the Lightsail bundle that you're using.

Upgrading the plan

To upgrade your Lightsail plan to a larger instance, take a snapshot, and then create a larger instance from the snapshot.

Downgrading the plan

Moving the Lightsail plan to a smaller instance isn't supported. In Lightsail instances, the data is stored in fixed-sized SSD disks. The data in SSD isn't stored uniformly. There are no methods to downsize an SSD volume because that process can cause data loss and data corruption. This means that it's not possible to automatically move from a larger Lightsail plan to a smaller one.

To migrate to a smaller instance size, you must manually copy the site contents to a smaller instance by doing the following:

  1. Create a new, smaller Lightsail instance.
  2. Back up and restore the data from the old instance to the new instance. For detailed instructions on how to make a backup and restore your applications on Bitnami stacks, see Create and restore application backups. If this method doesn't fit your application, then contact your application's support team to understand how to move the data to a smaller instance.

Note: Keep the following in mind when changing your Lightsail plan:

  • Make sure that you're taking a complete backup of the existing Lightsail instance as a snapshot.
  • Download the backup and then upload it to a new instance using SFTP/FTP or data stores such as S3 or Lightsail object storage.
  • If you have a static IP address, be sure to detach it from your old instance. Then, attach it to your new instance.
  • If there's an SSL certificate installed in the old instance, check to see if the certificate files are outside the /opt/bitnami directory. If they are, then you must manually copy the certificate to the new instance.
  • The credentials files in the Bitnami instance also must be copied from the old instance to the new one. These are credential files such as /home/bitnami/bitnami_credentials and /home/bitnami/bitnami_application_password.

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