How do I change my AWS Support plan?

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I want to change my AWS Support plan.


To access the AWS Support Center, sign in with either of these steps:

Use your AWS account root user credentials


Use your AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) user credentials with access permissions for AWS Support plans. For more information, see Manage access for AWS Support plans.

To change your Support plan, follow these steps:

Important: You must wait for a minimum of 30 days after your subscription start date to change your AWS Support subscription.

1.    Open the AWS Support Center.
You can view your current Support plan in the navigation pane.

2.    Choose Change next to your current AWS Support plan.

3.    (Optional) On the AWS Support plans page, compare the Support plans. For pricing information, see AWS Support plan pricing.
Under AWS Support pricing example, choose See examples. Choose one of the Support plan options to see the estimated cost.

4.    Choose Review downgrade or Review upgrade for the plan that you want.**
Important:** If you have an Enterprise On-Ramp or Enterprise Support plan, then on the Change plan confirmation dialog box, choose Contact us. Fill in the form, and then choose Submit.

5.    For Change plan confirmation, expand the support items to see the features included with the plan.
Under Pricing, you can view the projected one-time charges for the new Support plan.

6.    Choose Accept and agree.

The changes take effect within 15 minutes. You see your new plan reflected in the Billing and Cost Management console within a few hours. If you receive an error or your AWS account is a member account that's part of an AWS Organization, then see Troubleshooting.

Your previous paid AWS Support plan remains valid up to the point when you switch to a new one. The terms and conditions of the new plan start applying to the usage of your account immediately. For more information, see AWS Support plan pricing.

For an explanation of how AWS Support plans are billed, see How am I billed for AWS Support?

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Hi. Step 4 needs to specify a case should be opened from the master/payer account to include a member account on the Enterprise Support (or higher than Basic) Plan. Clicking contact us takes you to a contact us page.

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