Why was I charged by Amazon Web Services when I don't have an AWS account?

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I received a bill for Amazon Web Services, but I don't have an AWS account. Why was I billed?


First, make sure that the charges were from Amazon Web Services.

If your payment method is billed, then that payment method is associated with an AWS account with running resources. Here are some of the most common reasons why you might be billed for an account that you don't remember creating:

  • Someone is using your payment method without your permission. If you're the individual owner of the payment method and don't have an AWS account, then someone might be using your payment information without permission. Speak with your credit card issuer to dispute the charges.

Note: AWS Support can't resolve charges if you're not affiliated with an AWS account. For a stolen credit card or similar situation, contact your financial institution.

  • A test account's Free Tier promotion expired. The AWS Free Tier covers new accounts for a year, allowing new customers to test many AWS services for free. Any resources left running after the Free Tier expires are billed at the On-Demand rates.
  • You or another authorized user of the card might have forgotten that the account has running resources on it. For more information, see How do I avoid future charges when I use the AWS Free Tier?
  • Someone in your organization created the account. Check with other authorized users of the card to see if they've opened an AWS account using the card. This might be a spouse or another family member. If this is a corporate credit card, check with technical department heads within your organization. Common users of AWS include application or service developers, website designers, or systems administrators.
  • A contractor or third party is using AWS to provide you a service. A contractor or third party that you hired might be building your website or app using AWS. Contact the third party for more details about these charges.

If you need to contact AWS Support, use the I'm an AWS customer and I'm looking for billing or account support form. You can use this form to submit a case if you don't have an AWS account, or if you're unable to sign in. If you can't resolve your concern with the information provided, respond to the email you receive from AWS Support.

Important: AWS Support can't discuss any account-related information if account security isn't verified.

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Hello, AWS support,

I hope this msg finds you well.

My company started testing the Amazon sensor (Monitron), and we were informed that there was no cost to use the sensors. However, to my surprise, I figured out today that we have been charged for the last four months of 2024 (Jan, Feb, Mar and Apr).

Can you please check what is happening and stop charging us ASAP?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Regards,

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