How do I increase my custom origin's response timeout in CloudFront?

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How do I increase the amount of time that Amazon CloudFront waits for a response from my custom origin?

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To adjust the timeout value that CloudFront uses when communicating with your custom origin, change the origin's response timeout setting in the CloudFront console.

Important: If you're getting HTTP 504 errors from CloudFront, make sure that you verify the following before you increase your origin's response timeout:

  • The firewall and security groups on your origin server allow CloudFront traffic.
  • The origin server is accessible on the internet.
  • The server timeouts aren't being caused by delayed responses from applications on your origin server.

For more information, see HTTP 504 status code (Gateway Timeout) in the CloudFront Developer Guide.


1.    Open the CloudFront console.

2.    In the Distributions pane, in the ID column, select the ID of the distribution that you want to edit.

3.    Choose the Origins tab. The Origins page appears.

4.    In the Origin name column, select the check box next to the origin name that you want to edit. Then, choose Edit. The Edit origin page appears.

5.    In the Settings pane, choose Additional settings.

6.    For Response timeout, enter the new timeout value.

7.    Choose Save changes.

Note: To configure a Response timeout value that's greater than 60 seconds, you must request a quota increase. The default Response timeout value is 30 seconds.

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