How do I calculate the Agent non-response metric in Amazon Connect?

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I want to know how to calculate the Agent non-response metric in Amazon Connect.


The Agent non-response metric increases when an agent doesn't accept an incoming contact, or the caller disconnects the call. Amazon Connect tracks the Agent non-response metric as a real-time metric and a historical metric.

You can use the contact trace records (CTRs) and contact ID to manually calculate the Agent non-response metric. The contact ID must have the queue name for the queue that you're calculating the Agent non-response metric for. The following attributes indicate that the agent missed the contact:

  • The Agent connection attempt value is greater than zero.
  • The initiation method is either Inbound, Transfer, or Callback.
  • No value is present under the Agent column, such as, a Connected to Agent timestamp or Agent interaction duration.

For more information, see Contact records data model.

The following scenarios increase Agent non-response metrics:

  • Each time Amazon Connect routes a contact to an agent, but the agent doesn't answer the call. If the agent doesn't answer the call, then Amazon Connect routes the call to another agent to handle. Because agents can miss a single contact multiple times (including by the same agent), you count it multiple times.
  • A caller disconnects when in a customer queue flow. For example, if the caller reaches a loop prompt and disconnects before the agent connects, the Agent non-response metric increases. By default, when Amazon Connect routes a call to an agent, the agent has 20 seconds to accept or decline the incoming contact.

Example scenario

For example, Amazon Connect transfers an inbound call to Queue A. Because Amazon Connect transfers the call to the queue, the customer queue flow runs. Two agents are available in Queue A, Agent A and Agent B.

A call initiates to Agent A for 20 seconds, but Agent A misses the call. The call then initiates to Agent B for 20 seconds, but Agent B misses the call. There are now no agents to route the call to, and the customer queue flow starts over. Then, Agent A becomes Available, and the call initiates to Agent A for 10 seconds, but the caller disconnects before Agent A accepts the call.

The Agent non-response metric value for this scenario is three.

The Agent non-response metric calculates a value of three because both Agent A and Agent B miss the initiated call. Agent A is available again for the initiated call, but the caller disconnects before the agent answers the call. Because the disconnected call rang for the agent, you calculate it as an Agent non-response.

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