Why can't I see the phone icon that opens the CCP in my Amazon Connect contact center?

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The phone icon in my Amazon Connect contact center that opens the Contact Control Panel (CCP) isn't appearing. How do I resolve the issue?


Update the user permissions

To access the CCP, a logged in user must have Access Contact Control Panel access granted in their security profile permissions. If you don't see the phone icon when you're logged in to your contact center, then do either of the following:

Assign the user a security profile with sufficient permissions.


Update the user's security profile to add the required permissions.

Note: On the Edit security profile page, expand Contact Control Panel (CCP) to find the Access Contact Control Panel permission setting.

For more information, see Launch the CCP and Provide access to the contact control panel.

(Optional) Use the CCP access URLs

You can also access the CCP with either of the following URLs:

Important: Replace connectInstanceName with the name of your Amazon Connect instance.

  • CCP v2: https://connectInstanceName.awsapps.com/connect/ccp-v2
  • CCP v1: https://connectInstanceName.awsapps.com/connect/ccp

You must still log in as a user with sufficient permissions. If you use these URLs to log in as a user without access, then Amazon Connect returns the following error:

Access denied

You do not have permission to access the Contact Control Panel (CCP). To request access, contact your administrator.

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