How do I use customer profiles in Amazon Connect?

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In Amazon Connect, I want to start using customer profiles.


To start using customer profiles, it's a best practice to begin with the Amazon Connect customer profiles workshop.

Frequently asked questions

How do I see the customer profiles for a specific customer?

You can see specific customer profiles by changing the instance URL for your Contact Control Panel (CCP) to replace ccp-v2 with agent-app-v2.

For example, if your URL is, then the URLs look similar to the following:

  • To access the CCP for calls, chats, and tasks, the URL is:
  • To access the CCP for calls, chats, tasks, and to use customer profiles and the Voice ID feature, the URL is:

How do I know when a specific profile was created?

When a profile is created, the CreateProfile API is logged in AWS CloudTrail. For more information, see Amazon Connect information in CloudTrail.

Tip: You can configure an Amazon EventBridge rule to notify you when the CreateProfile API is logged. For more information, see Getting started with Amazon EventBridge.

How do I associate, create, and update a customer profile during a call flow using a contact flow block?

To change a customer profile during a call flow, use the Customer Profiles flow block. The Customer Profiles flow block lets you retrieve, update, and create a customer profile.

How do I use a customer profiles contact flow block to validate an inbound call?

You can create customer profiles to validate every inbound call using a customer's phone number. Use the customer's phone number from System Attributes to perform a profile search with the field _phone. Be sure to perform this search within the same block. If the search returns a profile, then you have validated that the customer's phone number is from an existing customer.

How do I see custom attributes in the customer profile in the agent application?

Custom attributes aren't visible in the agent application by default. To see custom attributes in the agent application, you must design a custom agent application panel.

How can I run the Identity Resolution manually?

You can use the JobSchedule API to schedule the Identity Resolution to run at a specific time.

Troubleshooting the "Conflict executing request: Duplicate key" error message

This error message occurs when configuring Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) data mapping on your customer profile. This error happens because the CSV file isn't formatted correctly, such as when it contains empty columns or extra data.

To resolve this error, make sure that there isn't extra data in the file when formatting the CSV. Refer to the sample CSV file for an example of the correct format.

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Just to add to this one, AWS Support have confirmed to me that customer profiles created as "inferred profiles" will NOT use CreateProfile API and thus are not logged in AWS CloudTrail.

An example of inferred profile would be when using --template-id CTR ( and then you get a fresh contact for the same number as an existing profile, and so an empty inferred profile is made populated with only the _phone

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