How do I identify who disconnected a call in my Amazon Connect contact center?

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I want to know the reason why calls with agents in my Amazon Connect contact center are disconnected. I want to see if the customer or the agent disconnected a call.


  1. Log in to Amazon Connect with a user account that has permissions to search for contacts.
  2. Choose Metrics and quality, and then choose Contact search.
  3. On the Contact search page, use the filters to search for your contact, and then choose Search.
  4. In the Contact ID column of the search results, choose the contact ID of the contact that you're investigating the disconnect reason for.
  5. On the Contact Trace Record page for your contact, find the field Disconnect reason.

Now, you can see the reason why your contact was disconnected. For more information on disconnect reasons, see the "DisconnectReason" entry for ContactTraceRecord.

Note: The disconnect reason that you see on the Contact Trace Record page doesn't always align with the exact wording of the documented disconnect reasons. For example, CUSTOMER_DISCONNECT appears as Customer disconnect on the Contact Trace Record page.

AWS OFFICIALUpdated 3 years ago