How do I resolve "Page AC_LightningAdapter does not exist" errors and "You can't access Lightning Experience" errors when using the Amazon Connect CTI Adapter?

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I receive one of the following errors whenever I try to open the Amazon Connect Contact Control Panel (CCP) in Salesforce: "Page AC_LightningAdapter does not exist" or "You can't access Lighting Experience." Why is the Amazon Connect CTI Adapter returning these errors, and how do I resolve the issue?

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If the CTI Adapter URL that's configured in your Salesforce call center is incorrect, then the Salesforce service console doesn't display the Amazon Connect CCP. Instead, Salesforce displays one of the following errors:

  • "Page AC_LightningAdapter does not exist"
  • "You can't access Lightning Experience"

To resolve these errors, copy the full URL of the Lightning Adapter Visualforce page (CTI Adapter URL) into your Salesforce call center.


Verify your Lighting Adapter URL

1.    Open the Salesforce service console.

2.    Choose Setup.

3.    In the Quick Find text box, enter visual. Then, choose Visualforce Pages.

4.    In the Name column, select the AC_LightningAdapter link.

5.    Choose Preview. A new browser tab opens that contains your Lighting Adapter Visualforce page's URL.

6.    Copy the URL.

Example Lightning Adapter Visualforce page URL

Add the Lighting Adapter URL to your Salesforce call center

1.    In the Salesforce service console, choose Setup.

2.    In the Quick Find text box, enter call. Then, choose Call Centers.

Note: If this is your first time opening the Call Centers page, then the Say Hello to Salesforce Call Center page opens. Choose Continue if this happens.

3.    Choose AC Lightning Adapter.

4.    Choose Edit.

5.    In the General Information section, for CTI Adapter URL, enter the Lighting Adapter URL that you copied previously.

6.    Choose Save.

Test the setup

Refresh the Salesforce service console page in your browser. If the CTI Adapter URL is configured correctly, then the CCP appears in the Salesforce service console.

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