Why is my Amazon Connect CCP displaying missed calls, but not incoming calls?

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The Contact Control Panel (CCP) in my Amazon Connect contact center is displaying missed calls, but not incoming calls. Why is this happening, and how do I troubleshoot the issue?

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The CCP makes a getAgentSnapshot API call whenever a call is routed to an agent. When there are no incoming calls, the CCP automatically makes the API call every 30 seconds. This API call returns the agent's current status to determine if the agent is available to accept a call or not.

If the API endpoints hosted through Amazon CloudFront don't return a response to the getAgentSnapshot API call, then the CCP doesn't display the incoming call. When the connection to the API endpoints is reestablished, the CCP then changes the agent's status to a Missed Call state.

This type of networking issue appears in the Snapshots section of the CCP Log Parser, similar to the following example.

Note: You can use the CCP Log Parser to turn your raw Amazon Connect CCP logs into a more read-friendly format. For more information, see CCP Log Parser in GitHub.

CCP Log Parser Snapshots section example of a networking issue that caused the CCP to not display an incoming call


00:46:26.484Z Available
00:46:56.474Z Available
00:47:26.471Z Available
00:49:31.880Z MissedCallAgent


Note: The two-minute duration between 00:47:26.471Z Available and 00:49:31.880Z MissedCallAgent indicates that there was a networking issue during that time period. If there's no networking issue, the agent status is returned at 30-second intervals.


  1. Confirm that nothing is blocking traffic to API endpoints with TCP port 443. For more information, see Replace Amazon EC2 and CloudFront IP range requirements with a domain allow list.
  2. If you're allowing traffic with IP address ranges, then confirm that all IP addresses used by Amazon Connect are on the required allow lists. For more information, see Allow IP address ranges.
  3. Confirm that your network connection is stable enough to allow the CCP to maintain connection with the required endpoints. To validate connectivity to Amazon Connect, use the Amazon Connect Endpoint Test Utility.
  4. Confirm that the agents' workstations meet the minimum requirements for the CCP.

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