How do I allow outbound dialing to specific countries in my Amazon Connect instance?

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I want to allow outbound calls from my Amazon Connect instance to specific countries.


To make outbound calls to new and existing destinations (countries) in your Amazon Connect instance, you must add countries to the allow list. Adding countries to the allow list makes sure that you can call those destinations in your Contact Control Panel (CCP) for your Amazon Connect instance.

Important: Amazon Web Services (AWS) can't activate all calling destinations because there are destinations that are high-cost and high-risk for fraudulent activity. For a list of available outbound call destination countries, see Amazon Connect pricing.

Identify the list of countries to add to the allow list

First, collect the following information to create your country allow list:

  • Find your Amazon Connect instance ID/ARN.
  • List the names of the countries to activate outbound dialing to. For the countries available to call by default and their prefixes, see Countries you can call by default.
  • Get the corresponding country names, country code, and ISO code (two-letter code combination) that you're requesting for outbound dialing. For example, to activate outbound dialing to Austria for your Amazon Connect instance, use Austria (country name), +43 (country code), and AT (ISO code).
    Note: For a list of country codes, see the Country Code website.

Then, create a support case to request outbound calls to your country allow list.

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