How do I troubleshoot issues with real-time metrics in Amazon Connect?

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In Amazon Connect, I want to troubleshoot common issues with real-time metrics.


Before troubleshooting issues with real-time metrics, be sure you have the permissions required to view real-time metric reports.

Real-time metrics refresh

The numerical data for real-time metrics updates every 15 seconds for active pages. The real-time metrics reflect Agent status changes in the dashboard between Active, Availability, Missed, and Occupancy, with a small delay.

Note: The Amazon Connect near real-time metrics refresh about a minute after a contact ends.

Agent status

Only agents who are logged in are seen in the real-time metrics dashboard. Agents that are logged out won't be seen in the real-time metrics dashboard.

Viewing all queues

Only active queues are seen on the real-time metrics report page. If you want to see multiple queues, then change the time range displayed.

Note: The real-time metrics reports pull only the first 100 queues for active data. Active queues greater than 100 won't be seen.

Barge live conversations

Error message: Something went wrong
Failed to Monitor Agent Data

To troubleshoot issues with the barge feature, be sure you have turned on the Enhanced Monitoring capability. Also, be sure you have assigned the correct security profile permissions to barge a live conversation.

Note: The status of the agent must be Available to barge a call.

To barge a call, you must also set recording and analytics behavior in the contact flow. If the Set recording and analytics behavior flow block is missing, then you see a 400 Bad Request HTTP error.

If you still can't barge a live conversation, then do the following:

  1. Create a HAR file to capture the events when using the barge feature.
  2. Create an AWS Support case.
  3. Attach the HAR file to the support case.

APIs for real-time metrics

The GetCurrentMetricData API retrieves all the values of the real-time metrics dashboard. The dashboard is generated based on the values retrieved from the GetCurrentMetricData API.

Contacts removed from the queue percentage

Real-time metrics include SL X for contacts removed from the queue between zero and X (service level time in seconds). Both zero and X are considered in the calculations. This means that if the service level is 30, then the percentage of contacts removed from the queue between zero and 30 includes 30.

For example, if you preset your X to 30, then the percentage of contacts removed from the queue calculation is between zero and 30. In this example, when calculating the service level of 30, the SL X metric includes both zero and 30 in the calculation.

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