How do I remove contacts from a callback queue in Amazon Connect?

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I want to remove all contacts in my Amazon Connect contact center's callback queue. How do I do that?


To remove all contacts from a callback queue, you can remove specific contacts from a callback queue using the StopContact API. It's a best practice to use this method.

If you can't use the StopContact API, you can:

Important: If you choose to deactivate the callback queue, keep in mind the following:

  • Deactivating the callback queue doesn't remove the contacts from the queue. Deactivating the queue only prevents new contacts from being added to the queue.
  • If the Set working queue parameter isn't changed in the associated contact flow, then Amazon Connect doesn't create new callback contacts.
  • Any APIs that use the previous queue's Amazon Resource Name (ARN) must be updated with the new callback queue's ARN. For example: the GetMetricData action.

For more information, see Set up routing in the Amazon Connect Administrator Guide.

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