How do I integrate Salesforce Knowledge Base articles with Amazon Connect Wisdom?

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I want to integrate my Salesforce Knowledge Base to Amazon Connect Wisdom so that contact center agents can view articles on their Contact Control Panel (CCP) dashboard. How can I set up and troubleshoot this integration?

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Use Amazon Connect Wisdom to integrate knowledge base articles from Salesforce. Agents can view these articles on the CCP dashboard.

Before starting, make sure that your SalesForce knowledge repository is set up and you that have created at least one article for testing purposes.


Configure Amazon Connect Wisdom

Note: If you receive errors when running AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) commands, make sure that you're using the most recent AWS CLI version.

1.    Add an integration in Amazon Connect Wisdom, selecting Salesforce as the Source.    
For instance URL, enter your Salesforce domain name. To find your Salesforce domain name, log in to your Salesforce account, and then choose View Profile. Your domain name is listed in the format:

2.    Select objects and fields.        
For Select Fields for [object name], select attributes that display with the Knowledge Base article, such as ArticleNumber and ArticleCreationDate.

3.    Review and verify the integration.

Note: After you set up an integration, you can't edit the details. To update details, you must create a new integration.

To verify fields that aren't visible through the AWS Console, use the following command. Replace knowledge-base-id with the ID number of your knowledge base.

aws wisdom list-contents --region us-east-1 --knowledge-base-id xxx

The output looks similar to this:

"metadata": {
        "ArticleNumber": "000001003",
        "Id": "ka02w000001RQGHAA4",
        "IsDeleted": "false",
        "PublishStatus": "Online",
        "Title": "Demo",
        "VersionNumber": "1",
        "aws:wisdom:externalVersion": "1"

4.    Add a Wisdom block to your contact flow.

5.    To test the integration, access the CCP dashboard using the following URL, replacing connect-instance-alias with your alias:

6.    In Search Wisdom, enter a knowledge base article reference ID or name. If the integration is complete, then the article appears.

Note: You can add only one integration per domain. To create more integrations, request a limit increase through AWS Support.

Troubleshoot knowledge base articles on the CCP dashboard

If you can't see knowledge base articles on the CCP console, use the following troubleshooting steps.

Confirm the article and integration settings

  • Confirm that the article is published in Salesforce.
  • Check the ingestion settings to determine if the ingestion is configured to import the records after a specific time and date. These settings are located in the Wisdom integration settings in the Amazon Connect console.

Confirm that the Amazon Connect Wisdom knowledge base ID has contents associated

1.    Run the following command to find the knowledge-base-id:

aws connect list-integration-associations --instance-id xxxxx

2.    Run the following command to get the Knowledge Base article ID. Replace your-knowledge-base-id with the knowledge-base-id that you found in the previous step.

            "IntegrationAssociationId": "xxx",
            "IntegrationAssociationArn": "arn:aws:connect:us-east-1:xxx:instance/xxx/integration-association/xxx",
            "InstanceId": "xxx",
            "IntegrationType": "WISDOM_KNOWLEDGE_BASE",
            "IntegrationArn": "arn:aws:wisdom:us-east-1:xxxx:knowledge-base/your-knowledge-base-id"

3.    Run the following command to list all the articles integrated with the knowledge base integration. Replace your-knowledge-base-id with the knowledge-base-id value that you found previously.

aws wisdom list-contents --region us-east-1 --knowledge-base-id your-knowledge-base-id

The output looks similar to the following. In this example, Demo is the name of the knowledge base article. If the command results in a NULL value, then check your settings to confirm that you associated the correct knowledge-base-id.

    "contentSummaries": [
            "contentArn": "arn:aws:wisdom:us-east-1:xxx:content/xxx/xxx",
            "contentId": "xxx",
            "contentType": "application/x.wisdom-json;source=salesforce",
            "knowledgeBaseArn": "arn:aws:wisdom:us-east-1:xxxx:knowledge-base/your-knowledge-base id",
            "knowledgeBaseId": "your-knowledge-id",
            "metadata": {                                      
                "ArticleNumber": "000001003",
                "Id": "ka02w000001RQGHAA4",
                "IsDeleted": "false",
                "PublishStatus": "Online",                     
                "Title": "Demo",
                "VersionNumber": "1",
                "aws:wisdom:externalVersion": "1"
            "name": "000001003",
            "revisionId": "xxx==",
            "status": "ACTIVE",
            "tags": {},
            "title": "Demo"

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