How do I troubleshoot SSML issues in Amazon Connect?

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The Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) syntax in my Play prompt contact block isn’t working. How do I troubleshoot issues with SSML tags in Amazon Connect?


To resolve issues with SSML syntax in Amazon Connect, first review this article to identify the specific issue that you’re experiencing. Then, follow the troubleshooting steps listed for that issue.

Note: This article covers the most common reasons why SSML issues can occur in Amazon Connect only. Additional troubleshooting steps might be needed for your specific use case.

If your contact flow skips the Play prompt block after you’ve configured the block to interpret text to speech as SSML

Review your SSML syntax to identify any reserved characters. Then, replace each reserved character with its corresponding escape code.

For a list of reserved characters and their corresponding escape codes, see Reserved Characters in SSML.

SSML escape code example

Plain text: You’ve ordered bananas & apples.
SSML syntax: <speak>You&apos;ve ordered bananas &amp; apples.</speak>

If the contact attributes in your SSML tags aren’t working

Review the contact attributes in your SSML tags to verify the following:

  • That you’re using supported SSML tags only
  • That the tags include quotes around each contact attribute
  • That the contact attributes you're using in your tags exist, and that they don't include any typos

SSML tag example that includes the "$Attributes.time" contact attribute

<speak>Your order for <break time="$.Attributes.time"/> $.Attributes.ordername is completed. No further action needed.</speak>

If your prompt is still played in an English accent (voice) after you’ve added a <lang> tag for another language

The default voice for the Amazon Connect text-to-speech (TTS) feature is configured to American English (en-US). This default voice isn't changed when you change the language of your message using SSML syntax.

To change the default voice, you must use a Set voice contact block by doing the following:

1.    In your contact flow, add a Set voice block before the Play prompt block.

2.    Choose the block title (Set voice). The block's settings menu opens.

3.    For Language, select the language that you want customers to hear from the dropdown list.

4.    For Voice, select the voice that you want customers to hear from the dropdown list.
Note: For a list of AWS Regions that support neural voices, see Feature and Region compatibility in the Amazon Polly developer guide.

5.    Choose Save.

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