How do I troubleshoot issues with Voicemail for Amazon Connect?

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I want to troubleshoot issues with the Voicemail for Amazon Connect solution.


The Voicemail for Amazon Connect solution provides automated voicemail capabilities for Amazon Connect. This solution uses multiple Amazon Web Services (AWS) services, such as:

  • Amazon Connect
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon Kinesis Video Streams
  • Amazon Kinesis Data Streams
  • AWS Lambda
  • Amazon Transcribe

The following are common issues that might occur when configuring or using the Voicemail for Amazon Connect solution:

Agents aren’t receiving emails for their voicemails and transcripts

When launching the AWS CloudFormation stack, you must enter a parameter for Delivery Email. To receive emails for voicemails and transcripts, the Delivery Email must be verified. For more information, see Verifying an email address identity.

Also, when configuring the CloudFormation stack, be sure the RecordingsURLExpirationTime parameter is set to less than, or equal to, seven days. If the RecordingsURLExpirationTime parameter is greater than seven, then the AWS Lambda function responsible for sending the email will fail. The Lambda function responsible for sending the email will fail because presigned URLs don't support an expiry time greater than seven days. For more information, see Authenticating Requests (AWS Signature Version 4).

Agents have suddenly stopped receiving text messages for their voicemails and transcripts

Be sure that you’re using the correct SMS destination number. If the SMS destination number is correct, then the SMS delivery might be limited by your spending limit. By default, your AWS account’s text messaging spending limit is set to $1.00 per month. To increase this limit, you can request an increase for the SMS Message Spending in USD quota. For more information, see Requesting a quota increase.

The stack fails at the step to customize the Amazon Cognito user pool user interface

If your domain for the Amazon Cognito user pool isn’t globally unique, then the domain and user interface creation fail. To correct this, redeploy the CloudFormation stack with a unique domain name in the User Pool Domain Prefix parameter. Be sure to use all lowercase when entering the parameter.

You can also check the CloudFormation stack events for error messages. The following is an example error message that you might see: CREATE_FAILED, ROLLBACK_COMPLETE.

For more information, see Viewing AWS CloudFormation stack data and resources on the AWS Management Console.

The contact flow fails to download

The contact flow creation requires a queue named BasicQueue. If this queue name is missing, then the contact flow fails. To correct this, first create a new queue, and then name it BasicQueue. Then, you can export the contact flow.

The administrator can’t download the flow and sync agents

If you get access denied exceptions when trying to sync agents and download contact flows, then verify that you entered your Amazon Connect instance ID. You must enter the Amazon Connect instance ID in the Amazon Connect instance ID parameter. The instance ID is separate from the instance ARN. For more information, see Find your Amazon Connect instance ID/ARN.

Unable to set up administrator or manger accounts in the voicemail portal

This issue occurs when using the same email address for the Admin Email and Manager Email parameters. The manager email and administrator email address can’t be the same when deploying the CloudFormation stack. If these email addresses are the same, then you can’t download the contact flows. To correct this, redeploy the CloudFormation stack with different Admin Email and Manager Email addresses.

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