How are credits and promotions calculated in an organization in AWS Organizations?

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I'm using AWS Organizations and joining or creating an organization, and my AWS account has active credits on it. How do my credits apply to the consolidated bill?


Here a few things to keep in mind if you are joining or creating an organization with active credits on your account:

  • AWS applies credits under an account to the organization's consolidated bill, beginning the first full billing cycle after an account joins the organization.
  • Credits on a standalone account are applied to usage costs incurred by the account before joining the organization. With credit sharing on, the remaining credit balance, if any, is applied across all applicable usage incurred by member accounts from the start of the next billing cycle.
  • Credits redeemed on a standalone account at any time during the month of joining the organization are applied to the usage generated by the standalone account until joining the organization.

To change this behavior, sign in to the payer account, and then disable credit sharing for the organization. For more information, see Sharing AWS credits.

When you turn credit sharing off, be aware of the following that affects the rest of the current billing cycle:

  • Bills are calculated based on the credit sharing preference on the last day of the month. If you turn credit sharing off before the last day of the month, then the bill for that billing cycle doesn't include the credits of member accounts.
  • If the account was a member account in a different organization, then the credits on the member account apply to the bill of the former payer account until the end of the billing cycle. Any charges incurred by the member account after joining the new organization are billed to the current payer account.

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