Can I use AWS promotional credits to purchase a Reserved Instance or Savings Plan?

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I want to use promotional credits toward Reserved Instances (RIs) or Savings Plans.


Promotional credits can't be applied to upfront costs for Partial Upfront RIs, All Upfront RIs, or Savings Plans.

However, the hourly rates that you pay for running instances can be covered by your credits when you have Partial Upfront RIs, No Upfront RIs, or Savings Plans.

Check that your credits apply to usage for the service in the Credits pane of the AWS Billing and Cost Management console.

Note: Credits might be applied differently if your account is in an organization. For more information, see How is the pricing benefit of a Reserved Instance applied across an organization's consolidated bill?

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AWS OFFICIALUpdated 2 years ago
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We took out a savings plan for our EC2 instances. It was no upfront fee and a 3 year commitment. We have a little less than 2 years left on the agreement. If we resell it on the marketplace how does that fee structure change. I assume:

  • Since we paid $0 upfront we would receive no proceeds from the sale.
  • Since the buyer will be paying a reduced rate to AWS we would be responsible for the delta between our current rates and theirs. Am I correct?
replied 4 months ago