How do I cancel a Direct Connect maintenance event?

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I want to avoid an upcoming Direct Connect maintenance event I have been notified of.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) regularly performs maintenance on a fleet of hardware devices that Direct Connect supports. The hardware devices are non-redundant by design.

Note: AWS doesn't configure redundant connections for you. You must configure your own redundant connections. You can choose to be non-redundant. However, it's a best practice to configure redundant connections to avoid network availability risks.

There are two types of Direct Connect maintenance, planned and emergency. During maintenance events, Direct Connect is interrupted for all your connections on the device. If your network setup is non-redundant, then you lose connection between your on-premises network and resources. For planned maintenance, you're notified in advance so that you can configure your redundancy connections in time.


Planned maintenance

Planned maintenance is scheduled in advance and for a longer duration. It addresses known network availability risks that are identified for the Direct Connect hardware fleet in a specific AWS Region, or globally. This type of maintenance requires updating multiple devices.

You receive the first planned maintenance email notification 10 business days before the maintenance occurs. You receive another email five business days before, and then a final email one business day before maintenance.

If you meet the defined criteria, then you can request a planned maintenance cancellation.

Emergency maintenance

Emergency maintenance is initiated on an emergency basis due to failures on the hardware device. This type of maintenance isn't planned in advance and usually requires updating only a single defective device. Emergency maintenance has a shorter completion time and requires direct action from AWS to restore availability.

You're notified of emergency maintenance up to 60 minutes before the maintenance occurs. You can't request an emergency maintenance cancellation because AWS must act immediately to restore service.

Initiating a maintenance cancellation request

Before submitting a maintenance cancellation request, consider the following guidelines:

  • Expect periodic scheduled maintenance.
  • It's best practice to test the Direct Connect redundancy model to make sure that it's working. Redundancy connections that work help maintain service availability when an endpoint is undergoing maintenance.
  • AWS can make an exception for rescheduling a planned maintenance. To request a planned maintenance cancellation, contact AWS Support.

When submitting a planned maintenance cancellation request, use the following criteria to determine your eligibility. If you don't meet the criteria, then AWS might deny your request. However, you can request further review.

Note: If you don't meet the criteria but AWS Support is reviewing your request, then expect a response service level agreement (SLA) of 24 hours. The 24-hour response SLA begins when the cancellation request is transferred to the appropriate internal team for review.

CriteriaNot approvedFurther review needed
A customer under Infrastructure Event Management (IEM)X
No DX RedundancyX
No DX Redundancy + VPN RedundancyX
No DX Redundancy + No VPN RedundancyX
DX Device RedundantX
DX Location RedundantX
DX Location RedundantX
A customer is device or location redundant but there is an operational failure on their redundancy modelX
A customer is device or location redundant but a parallel maintenance will impact the primary and the redundant connectivityX
Customer Change FreezeX
Customer Change Freeze + No DX RedundancyX
Customer Change Freeze + DX RedundancyX
Customer Change Freeze + No VPN RedundancyX
Global or country wide events (example: Olympics)X
Delay maintenance start timeX

If you would like to initiate a maintenance cancellation request, reach out to AWS Premium Support  who can further review the eligibility request.

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