My Direct Connect connection is down and the Tx/Rx optical signal receives no or low light readings. How can I troubleshoot this?

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My AWS Direct Connect connection is down and the Tx/Rx optical signal receives no or low light readings.


Follow these steps to troubleshoot the Direct Connect connection.

Unable to connect to a Direct Connect device

If you can't establish a physical connection to a Direct Connect device, then follow these instructions to troubleshoot layer 1 (physical) issues.

Check the Letter of Authorization and Connecting Facility Assignment (LOA-CFA)

If the Direct Connect connection is not up after 90 days, then the LOA-CFA expires and AWS sends you an email alert. To refresh the LOA-CFA with a new issue date, download the LOA-CFA. Then, send the LOA-CFA to your network or colocation provider to order a cross connect for you. If your cross connect has been ordered, contact the colocation provider to request a cross connect completion notice. Then, compare the ports with those listed on your LOA-CFA. You can also request a written report for the Tx/Rx optical signal across the cross connect from your colocation provider.
For more information, see Requesting cross connects at AWS Direct Connect locations.

Use Amazon CloudWatch metrics to check for the fiber connection traffic health and connection state

You can use CloudWatch metrics to monitor Direct Connect connections and virtual interfaces. For Direct Connect dedicated connections, check the ConnectionLightLevelTx and ConnectionLightLevelRx metrics to determine the health of the egress and ingress traffic. A good light signal is within the range of -14.4 dBm and 2.50 dBm. You can filter Direct Connect data using the OpticalLaneNumber dimension. For more information, see Direct Connect available dimensions.

To determine the connection state, check the ConnectionState metric. 1 indicates up and 0 indicates down.

For more information, see Viewing Direct Connect CloudWatch metrics.

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