Why is my AWS DMS task in an error status?

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My AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) task is in an error status. What does an error status mean, and how can I troubleshoot and resolve the error?

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An AWS DMS task that is in an error status means that one or more of the tables in the task couldn't be migrated. A task in an Error status continues to load other tables from the selection rule, but a failed task stops with fatal errors.


  1. To identify the table that has an error, open the AWS DMS console.
  2. Choose Database migration tasks from the navigation pane.
  3. In the Tables errored column, the number of tables that have errors are listed.
  4. Choose the name of the task that has an error status.
  5. From the Table statistics section, check the Load state column to see which table names have errors. Or you can run describe-table-statistics.
  6. To troubleshoot error messages further, turn on Amazon CloudWatch logging. If you haven't turned on logging, stop the task, and modify the task to turn on logging. Then, restart the task.
  7. From the Logs page for your task, filter the timestamps for events that have ]E: and ]W: in them.
  8. After you resolve the errors, reload the tables, or restart the task for to the error status to be resolved.

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