How do I resolve a Trusted Advisor alert that shows my Amazon EBS usage has reached the service limit?

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AWS Trusted Advisor shows that my Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) usage is more than 80% of the Amazon EBS Active Volumes service limit. How do I increase the limit?

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The AWS Trusted Advisor monitors the resources in an AWS account and provides recommendations to help you follow best practices. One of its tasks is to monitor the service quotas in all Regions. Trusted Advisor then alerts you if your account reaches more than 80% of a service quota in any Region. This limit isn't enforced, and you are only notified so that you can investigate the usage and make any changes in your AWS account. There is no effect on the performance and durability of your EBS volumes. But, if you exceed the account limits this might affect your ability to create new volumes in that Region.


You can follow recommendations to delete resources or request a service quota increase in the Region where AWS Trusted Advisor shows the alert. To request a limit increase for your account, create a support case. Or, request an increase directly from the Service Quotas dashboard for the appropriate quota name in the correct Region.

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