Why did my storage costs not reduce after I deleted a snapshot of my EBS volume and then deleted the volume itself?

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I've tried to reduce my data storage costs by deleting snapshots of my Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volume. Then, I also deleted the volume. Why am I being charged so much?


Charges for EBS volumes and for snapshots are managed separately. With EBS volumes, you are charged for the amount of storage that you use. Deleting the EBS volume reduces your charges. You can view the charges from the AWS Billing and Cost Management console and dashboard.

Deleting a snapshot might not reduce your data storage costs. When you delete a snapshot, you remove only the data referenced exclusively by that snapshot. If other snapshots reference that snapshot's data, then the referenced data is always preserved. You can view the total cost for snapshots in the AWS Billing and Cost Management console.

To view the charges for each snapshot, create cost allocation tags. After you tag the snapshots, you can either view the charges for the snapshot on the Cost Allocation Tags dashboard, or you can generate cost and usage reports.

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