Why is my Amazon EC2 Spot Instance request in a pending status?

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My Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Spot Instance request is still in a pending status. Why is this?


A Spot Instance moves through two pending statuses before it launches: pending-evaluation and pending-fulfillment.

Pending-evaluation status

A Spot request goes into the pending-evaluation state immediately after you create it. While in this state, Amazon EC2 evaluates the parameters of the request. For details on why a Spot request might stay in the pending-evaluation state, see Lifecycle of a Spot request.

Pending-fulfillment status

After Spot request parameters are met (capacity becomes available, for example), the request goes into the pending-fulfillment state. In this state, Amazon EC2 is working to provision the Spot Instances. A Spot request might stay in the pending-fulfillment state for the following reasons:

  • Internal issues within the AWS infrastructure.
  • You canceled the request before Amazon EC2 launched the Spot Instance.
  • You chose an instance type that supports enhanced networking, but you didn't turn on Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) for your Amazon Machine Image (AMI). For more information, including instructions on how to turn on enhanced networking, see Enhanced networking performance.

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