How do I log into my Amazon EC2 Windows instance with my local admin or domain credentials?

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I want to resolve issues connecting to my Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Windows instance with my local administrator or domain credentials.



Before you begin, make sure that you make a backup of your instance. Create a snapshot of the volume or take an image of the instance.

Use local credentials to connect to the EC2 Windows instance

Reset a lost or expired Windows administrator password

You can use several methods to reset a lost or expired local administrator's password. Depending on your situation, choose one of these methods.
Note: The offline method "Systems Manager Automation AWSSupport-ResetAccess" listed on that page requires you to stop the instance and then start it again.

Use domain credentials to connect to the EC2 Windows instance

For more information on domain authentication errors, see How do I troubleshoot authentication errors when I use RDP to connect to an EC2 Windows instance?

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