How can I monitor CloudWatch memory usage metrics for Elastic Beanstalk in a Windows environment?

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I want to monitor memory use with Amazon CloudWatch from my AWS Elastic Beanstalk environment in Windows.

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You can provision Elastic Beanstalk configuration files (.ebextensions) to monitor memory utilization with CloudWatch for .NET on Windows Server with IIS by doing the following:

  1. Create the .ebextensions directory.
  2. Create and save configuration file in the .ebextensions directory.
  3. Deploy your application and view your metrics.

Note: By default, the unified CloudWatch agent is installed on all Elastic Beanstalk Windows environments running platform versions 2.0.1 or later.


Create the .ebextensions directory

  • In the root of your application bundle, create a hidden directory named .ebextensions.

Example: This example demonstrates an application source bundle structure with .ebextensions directory at the top level of the project directory.

|-- Content
|-- .ebextensions
|-- archive.xml
`-- systemInfo.xml

Create and save configuration file in the .ebextensions directory

  • Create a file called 01_cw-memory-metrics.config inside the .ebextensions directory that you created as part of the application source bundle.

Example: This example extends the CloudWatch agent configuration file - Metrics section.

  "C:\\Program Files\\Amazon\\AmazonCloudWatchAgent\\cw-memory-config.json":
    content: |
  "metrics": {
    "append_dimensions": {
      "AutoScalingGroupName": "${aws:AutoScalingGroupName}",
      "ImageId": "${aws:ImageId}",
      "InstanceId": "${aws:InstanceId}",
      "InstanceType": "${aws:InstanceType}"
    "metrics_collected": {
      "Memory": {
        "measurement": [
          "% Committed Bytes In Use"
        "metrics_collection_interval": 10

    command: powershell.exe cd 'C:\Program Files\Amazon\AmazonCloudWatchAgent'; powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File ./amazon-cloudwatch-agent-ctl.ps1 -a append-config -m ec2 -c file:cw-memory-config.json -s; powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File ./amazon-cloudwatch-agent-ctl.ps1 -a start; exit

The 01_cw-memory-metrics.config configuration file does the following:

  • Defines the metrics that the CloudWatch agent collects and publishes to CloudWatch console - Metrics.
  • Collects the metrics for percentage of memory used.
  • The files section includes the CloudWatch agent configuration JSON content that defines which metric to publish to CloudWatch.
  • The container_commands section runs commands after the application bundle is unpacked on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance.

Note: For a list of supported CloudWatch metrics for Amazon EC2, see CloudWatch built-in metrics.

Example: This example demonstrates an application source bundle structure with 01_cw-memory-metrics.config included.

|-- Content
|-- .ebextensions
|   |--01_cw-memory-metrics.config
|-- archive.xml
`-- systemInfo.xml

Deploy your application and view your metrics

  1. Deploy your updated Elastic Beanstalk application.
  2. Review the memory utilization metrics:
    • Open the CloudWatch console, In the navigation pane, choose Metrics, and then choose All metrics.You can see your metrics in the custom namespace labeled CWAgent.

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