How can I determine why I was charged for EventBridge usage, and then how can I reduce future charges?

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I see high Amazon EventBridge charges in my AWS bill. I want to see why I was charged for EventBridge usage, and reduce future charges.

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Review your AWS Cost and Usage Reports to understand your EventBridge charges. Look for charges for the following service:

CloudWatch Events: AWSEvents PutEvents region-Event(-64K-Chunks)|Request

Note: Items in bold are similar to what you might see in your reports. For example, region represents the abbreviation for your AWS Region.


Charges are based on the number of events published to EventBridge event buses. Events that originate from other AWS services are free. Custom events, events that originate from third parties (SaaS), and events that come from another event bus incur a fee. Events sent from one AWS account to another are billed to the sender account as custom events.

To reduce costs, take these actions:

  • Minimize PutEvents calls.
  • Reduce the number of events that are sent to an event bus. These events are also charged as custom events.
  • Note that events ingested by Scheme discovery and Event replay incur charges.
  • There are similar rules for API destination targets that forward events to web-based applications. In this case, charges are based on the number of target invocations.

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