How can I confirm that my AWS infrastructure is GDPR-compliant?

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I want to learn more about how the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) affects AWS customers.


For an overview of how the GDPR affects AWS customers, see All AWS services GDPR ready.

For FAQs, whitepapers, and service-specific usage instructions that can help you comply with the GDPR, see General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) center.

To comply with GDPR contractual obligations, AWS offers a GDPR-compliant Data Processing Addendum (GDPR DPA). The AWS GDPR DPA is incorporated into the AWS Service Terms. The DPA applies automatically to all customers globally who require it to comply with the GDPR.

If you have additional compliance questions about AWS or your AWS infrastructure, use the form at AWS Compliance contact us to request additional information.

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AWS OFFICIALUpdated a year ago

I have the same question. Since we are using AWS, how can we ensure that we obtain the GDPR badge? Is it automatically granted if we use 100% of AWS services in our infrastructure?

replied 7 months ago

Thank you for your comment. We'll review and update the Knowledge Center article as needed.

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replied 7 months ago